In 2009 my curiosity was aroused in the Silkie breed and after research and speaking with breeders I decided it was a breed that I wanted here on the farm. It is thought the breed was first found in China by Marco Polo in the 13th century when he described a silkie. They now come in various colors and their feathers are unlike other poultry, hence the appearance of hair like feathers and their name. They have black skin and a fifth toe. They have a crest and feathered legs. A calm and docile breed the hens possess excellent mothering capabilities and often hatch out other breeds of poultry. They are considered a member of the bantam family. I am a member of the American Silkie Bantam Club.

My foundation flock of show quality silkies came from various quality breeders. I currently have about 30 bearded white, blue, black, gray, and splash silkies. I am now hatching my own silkies. Hatching eggs and silkies are available. Inquiries welcome.

Silkies from Seeley Creek Valley Farm are very competitive in the show ring. Here are examples of a Best of Breed Win and Best of Variety Win in 2010 at a very large show.




Day old Silkie chicks.

Black Silkies

Blue Silkies

Grey Silkies

Splash Silkies

White Silkies

Feeding Needs of Silkies

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