About Seeley Creek Valley Farm

Seeley Creek Valley Farm has been part of land that has been farmed since as early as 1803, the land originally surveyed in 1788. The farm is part of a larger 200-acre tract settled by the Kelly family in 1802-03 who lay buried nearby in a now unmarked family cemetery. The farm is still used today for agricultural purposes. Nestled on flat valley fields, bordered by forested hills, and a large creek that created rich soils from centuries of flood plain, the farm continues the traditions of its early heritage. The original portion of the historic 10-room farmhouse sits on logs, neither ax-hew or sawed and the interior retains much of its original character. The house is surrounded by floral and vegetable gardens along with fruit cultivation consisting of blueberries, red raspberries, and blackberries. The barn is an ax-hewn hemlock two-story structure, originally a horse barn, surrounded by other buildings.

Being a good steward of the land is a necessity. It is also very important to preserve the heritage and history that was built in this beautiful valley that sustained our forefathers and pioneers as they forged out a living in this great nation.

There is no shortage of animal life on the farm. Corriedale sheep roam the pastures and a flock of laying hens free range on 2.5 fenced acres. There is also a small specialty flock of silkie chickens. The sheep are grown for their exceptional fleece, which are sheared in the spring. The hen flock consists primarily of about 70 heavy breed Golden Comets that produce brown eggs, which are sold on a daily basis. The sheep and chickens are raised naturally and organically.

Bees are important for pollinating and hives of bees are maintained, the honey utilized on nearly a daily basis. Natural honey has long been known to be an important part of the human diet.

Wildlife abounds in the fields and forest and along the creek. Deer and turkeys are plentiful and bear and coyotes are often seen.

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